Judith and I worked together for about 7 years. She helped guide me through many personal challenges. She has a gentle and warm energy, and I always felt safe in our sessions. Through our work together, I have learned to establish more healthy boundaries in my personal life. I am more independent, joyous, confident and grounded. And I have learned to appreciate and love me for me! We are all perfectly imperfect! Thank you Judith! —L.A.

My boyfriend, of six years, and I began working with Judith in October of 2013. We wanted to better understand our responses and reactions to each other. Through our work as a couple, we were able to learn tools for healthier communication, display more patience and have appreciation and understanding for how the other was handling or reacting in any given situation. Through our work with Judith, we were able to remember why we were a couple and what the bonding connection was which holds us together. I was able to work through a lot of my own uncertainty, individuality, to realize how important this relationship is to me and that it is one I want for a lifetime. I know for certain that if I had chosen to make some life-changing decisions before working with Judith my boyfriend and I would not be together today. —K.N.

For over six years Judith Gruber has been my “guilt-free” resource for support, guidance and reflection. There is something so wonderful about having someone to talk though issues with, both personal and business. Judith approaches every issue without judgment and has always provided me with the tools and aid to clear my mind so that I can make my own well-thought-out decisions. Whether you are looking for support with money issues, relationship issues or career consultation, I recommend Judith without hesitation. —J.G.R.

Finding Judith has been a blessing for me. Judith is helping me find the light of financial independence and prosperity, and exit the dark tunnel of uncertainty, fear, and anxiety.

But Judith and the work we do together are much more than this; we touch at all levels of my existence and explore profound issues of my personal, family, and professional life. Our work together helped me to search for meaning across the different aspects that make my life and striving for a higher definition and consciousness of who I am.

I have been working with Judith for a little more than 2 years now. The impact she and her work have had on me is immense. I know I have a lot more to work on, and a lot to repair, but I feel I finally am on the right track to healing.

Thank you Judith; you are my analyst, my friend, and one of my biggest blessings in life. —D.P.

Judith has been a tremendous support to me in my life. As a result of her working with me I have become empowered, with the ability to make a drastic career change, find the courage to go back to graduate school and create loving relationships in my life. Judith’s holistic approach has allowed me to become much more reflective of myself and others. She has always inspired me while she challenged me to take new ground and reach for higher goals. I would recommend anyone who is willing to commit to make a difference in their life and in the world to work with Judith. She is a magnificent person. —T.P.

Judith Gruber taught me the art of Visualization. As a business owner, I had a receivable which had been ‘quiet’ for a while, and so when I applied Judith’s advice to place some focused energy and intention on visualizing the money in-hand, I was amazed by the results. The next day, I received a phone call out of nowhere from my Client describing that they would now like to pay their bill! Judith’s insights are pure gold! —M.R.

I didn’t know what was holding me back, but something was. Something was holding me back from advancing in my creative career. I’ve read books, listened to CD’s, until I decided I needed the assistance of a Life Coach to really assess what is it, what is it really that is holding me hack from really living out my creative life to the fullest. Thank goodness I found Judith Gruber.

Her techniques are intuitive, intelligent, and effective. She has mastered a certain craft of asking just the right questions to pull out those “fears,” bringing them out into the open, and then incorporating physical and verbal exercises to literally reprogram one’ s thinking and one’s feelings when it comes to dispelling those old patterns and creating new possibilities.

Through this process, I have had what I like to call “break-throughs,” a shift of energy in my system, in my psyche. What I thought wasn’t possible is now possible, with the compassionate work with Judith.

What I’ve come to learn is that we as individuals are too close to see our own “fears, flaws, demons” whatever you choose to call them. Mine were ingrained in me at an early age with shameful, embarrassing experiences that had a grip hold on me until I was about 29 years old. This is where the work of a Life Coach comes in, and that can hardly describe in two words what Judith Gruber has done for my mind and my soul. I am more aware of my own sensitivities, and now am more open to possibilities in my creative potential which has made me stronger, thanks to Judith. —T.S.

I’ve loved working with Judith from our first session. Her warmth and intuitive wisdom allow me to feel safe sharing my deepest feelings and experiences. At the same time, she assisted me in determining and taking practical, concrete steps toward a major career change. Her support and guidance allowed me to see the full breadth of my options and to take a chance when opportunities felt right. I am so much happier as a result. I cannot recommend Judith enough! —G.P.